Landsailing in Colorado is a bit of a challenge. There are no dry lakes that are sailable, and we're still looking for that perfect parking lot that is big enough, and open to our use.

We do most of our landsailing in Wyoming, on a lake bed we nicknamed "Wahu". It's a dry lake that has "challenges", otherwise known as vegetation, spread around the lake bed. It's not the wide open lakes like you will find in the southwest, but it is a blast to sail!
We usually make a couple annual trips to Nevada to sail on a few dry lakes.

Check out our wedding at Playas, NM 2012.

Check out the new section on Sailing Instructions and Tips. Basic sailing to advanced techniques. Be sure to read all sections.

Check out a video of some sailing at Playas here. 

Video of sailing Wahu

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Wahu, Wyoming 2012

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